Friday 20th August 2021   04:03 PM

Art in a changing room!

Nun's Pavillion, north Cambridge
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I was asked to create an exhibition at my local community centre, Nun's Pavillion in Kings Hedges. It was the oddest place I had ever been asked to exhibit in and to my surprise, I said 'Yes'.

The North Cambridge Community Partnership brings together communities from Arbury and Kings Hedges with all kinds of activities such as virtual coding clubs, play groups, summer trips and even gardening projects. One of the organisers had been following my Lockdown sketches online and asked if I could exhibit them when they have their Annual General Meeting. She knew I had drawn a lot of local scenes when I went on my daily walks. I was delighted to be asked.

I did have a little bit of a surprise when I was introduced to the exhibition area - a changing room! However, I saw this as a challenge and agreed to do it. I had some time to think about how it could work, I needed it to look spectacular so visitors forgot it was a changing room!

I broke up 3 of my printed Lockdown sketchbooks, bought loads of thick red paper, foamboard, glue dots and sticky fixers. Now all I needed was a huge guillotine, a long ruler, a pencil, a craft knife and plenty of patience.

It took 3 days to put it altogether so that all the sketches are mounted on red and just 2 hours to put up the 167 mounted sketches in the changing room - with a lot of help from my daughter.

It looks amazing.

My exhibition is part of the Summer Event which takes place on 26 August 2021 from 11am - 2pm. They have asked me to give a little chat about my work at the AGM which starts at 1pm.

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this event. If you live in the north of Cambridge or can get there it would be lovely to see you.

Both of my Lockdown books are available will be available for sale on the day as well as from my website shop:


Sunday 8th August 2021   07:11 PM

Life drawing at the Tithe Barn, Landbeach

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I was delighted to be invited to some life drawing sessions at the beautiful old Tithe Barn in Landbeach.

The group and venue is new but unfortunately, I could not attend in July as I always seemed to be putting up my paintings either at the Pitt Building or at my home on Friday mornings ready for Cambridge Open Studios so I was really pleased they extended the sessions to take place in August. My main problem was transport. The venue is 3 miles north of Cambridge but I share a car with my daughter who lives close by and her shifts with the ambulance service coincided with the classes. Her work comes first as she has to take spare clothes, helmet, emergency equipment etc which she can't get on a bike. I contemplated going on my bike via Mere Way as the A10 is far too dangerous to cycle but with rain forecast and a strong wind I gave up that idea and decided to catch a bus. All worked well except the walk in the rain from the bus stop to the barn took 25 minutes so I arrived wet and late.

The last life drawing session I had been to was 25 years ago when they were held at Kings College. Sessions were always a bit crowded so it was lovely to see the space in the Tithe Barn. The door was left open so we could see and hear the cows in the big landscape outside.

I opened my sketchbook and began to draw. The model was brilliant, very professional with good poses and, I found out during the break, a great cake maker.

When I looked at my drawings later, I realised I had made a series of urban sketches! I was as interested in the surrounding as I was the people as you can see in the drawings above.

I had a wonderful morning and met some new people and got a lift home. I am already looking forward to next Friday and hope I can get there on the bike as long as it is dry and not too windy.


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