Maureen lives in Cambridge where she spends her time painting and teaching art to small groups in her studio. She feels very lucky to be able to pursue her dream and loves welcoming people to her studio to see her paintings and to inspire others to paint

Cambridge is a huge influence in her work. This beautiful, historic city has wide open spaces, great architectural buildings, wonderful art in the museums and cows that actually live in the city. She adds the rich night skies, a shining moon, a taste of Medieval Art and this forms the basis for her intricate, dream like paintings.

There are surreal sensations as a graduate reaches for the stars, a balloon floats by carrying a traveller in a basket strapped below or King's College appear as a snow shaker in her Tree of Cambridge. And the cows sometimes do what no self respecting cow should be seen doing - dressed in pyjamas or getting ready to go clubbing or becoming purple!

She gets carried away with intricate detail using brushes that are far too small to delve into this whimsical world. A magic realism.

Maureen at work
Maureen at work

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