Gone for Tea
Gone for Tea
Oil on canvas with copper leaf
19 x 25.5 inches / 49 x 65 cm
Original for sale £1300 (GBP)

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When I was little we used to go and visit my grandparents farm in deep Norfolk. They kept chickens which were taken to the market every Thursday. The house had no electricity and no running water so it was rather magical, although a little scary, with oils lamps and candles and water fetched from the pump in the front garden.

Opposite the house was an apple orchard which my sister and I used to play in. It was full of flowers and dappled sunlight and we used to take our dolls and books and spend a lot of time there. One day I sat down on a little rise and picked up a book only to be seem screaming and running to the house 10 minutes late, I had sat on an ant's nest and they were everywhere. This painting brings back those memories of when we were called in for our tea.

This is one of my favourite paintings and I might just keep it a little bit longer before it goes on sale.

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