Tree of Learning
Tree of Learning
Oil with copper leaf on canvas
26 x 32 inches / 65 x 80 cm
Original for sale £2200 (GBP)

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I never tire of painting Cambridge. I did not go to college here and have never worked at the University so I see the old buildings and traditions with some rose tinted glasses but little knowledge of what happens behind the scenes. It is very good to know that a lot of academics at the university buy my work.

With this painting I started with the title and then asked several people what it meant to them and I made my own list. Actually lists are a regular part of working towards a painting.

There had to be colleges in the painting so I chose the oldest and most splendid examples and added books and many images that are not part of the University but have a tenuous link; so you can see the Chronophage, the Eagle, a red poll cow and the giant pot in the shape of an owl that resides in the Fitzwilliam Museum.

The grass patterns (or millefleur) are from my love of Medieval Art and tapestries.

I paint with very small brushes so every detail is lovingly applied.

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