Newton's Apple Tree
Newton's Apple Tree
Ref: 2018 BA 4
Oil on canvas with copper leaf
17.5 x 21.5 inches / 44 x 55 cm
Giclée Print and Greeting Card
are available featuring this artwork

This is the first painting I made especially for the exhibition 'Along Your Street' at Byard Art on King's Parade.

Most trips that I make into Cambridge include cycling down Trinity Street. It is small one way street with full of bikes and curves past St John's, Gonville Caius and of course Trinity. It also has a great bookshop, Heffers, a few nice restaurants and a lovely cafe in Michaelhouse, a converted church.

You can be forgiven for missing the tree outside Trinity. It is a descendant of the apple tree that Isaac Newton studied when he wrote about his theory of gravity, from his mother's garden in Lincolnshire!

The tree outside Trinity rarely has any apples although at times students add plastic ones, it may be because there is not another apple tree close by to pollinate it. The tree is a lovely shape but the trunk is very thin. My version has the trunk in splendid copper leaf but as it is lost in front of the old wall I have shown it towering over snippets of Trinity College such as the gatehouse, the chapel and the library.

The painting never got hung on the wall at Byard Art as someone saw it when I delivered it and snapped it up there and then!

A print is available of the painting.

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